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Dinovember part 2- day 11-30

I can’t believe that dinovember is over, it has been hard work thinking of 30 things to do and granted some of them are a little on the weak side but all the same my children have enjoyed it too!

So here are the rest of the pictures.

Day 11


Today the dinosaurs were good and helped us clean the paint brushes!

Day 12


Colouring in! My daughters favourite thing to do!

Day 13


Naughty dinosaurs playing with toilet roll.

Day 14


Healthy dinosaurs eating satsumas!

Day 15


Pancakes for breakfast.

Day 16


Watching frozen with popcorn.

Day 17


Wandering upstairs to find my children!

Day 18


Playing Doc Mcstuffins snap!

Day 19


Playing snakes and ladders.

Day 20


The little dinosaurs have captured the big ones.

Day 21


Trying to make sure that they aren’t left behind when we move.

Day 22


The big dinosaurs getting revenge on the little ones.

Day 23


Building a shaving foam snowman.

Day 24


Kidnapping barbie. My daughter was not impressed with this one.

Day 25


Shower time fun!

Day 26


Watching a bit of ‘the land before time’ on the iPad!

Day 27


Rustling up some dinner.

Day 28


Taking over the dolls house.

Day 29


They put the Christmas tree up!

Day 30!


The lovely dinosaurs left my children a Christmas card and decoration to say thank you for playing and that they are now off to sleep till next November!!

All ready now for the Christmas fairy to come and decorate our tree tonight!


Dinovember Part 1 – day 1-10!

I know not many of you will know much about dinovember but I am loving it. Towards the back end of November last year I discovered it on someone else’s blog and have basically been looking forward to it ever since. Dinovember is all about bringing magic and mystery to your little ones without involving technology. So here goes!!

Day One

On the first morning my son and daughter came downstairs to discover that the dinosaurs in our house came to life over night and has pinched a box of their cereal!


My son thought it was brilliant, my daughter was shocked! I mean who would have thought the dinosaurs would have had the audacity to pinch her cereal. Didn’t stop her from eating their leftovers though. Day one was a total success and both children were looking forward to seeing what the dinosaurs got up to on day 2!

Day Two!

On day two we found the dinosaurs being good and learning about steam trains. My son is obsessed with steam trains and we are already on our second copy of this book as he loves it so much. He sat talking the dinosaurs through his book this morning as happy as Larry.


My daughter was not really that fussed today to be honest because there was no food for her to pinch! She is hopeful for tomorrow though.

Day Three!

Last night the dinosaurs decided to use their imagination and built a little hot tub complete with decorative palm trees. My son once again was so pleased to find them. My daughter was also quite interested now too. It’s so lovely to see them get excited about such a little thing that we have done for them.


My son is now at the stage where he is trying to guess what the dinosaurs will so over night. I thought it would be quite hard to think of 30 different things but so far so good. I am particularly pleased with how day 4 is going!

Day 4!

Day 4 has been funny. The naughty dinosaurs have pinched the halloween chocolates!! My son and daughter were not impressed that the dinosaurs have eaten their treats and have told the dinosaurs they need to be good tomorrow!


Day 5!

Today the dinosaurs were a bit more playful, they decided to take the Pirates hostage and take over the ship!


My son in particular liked this one as he burst into a rendition of Jake and the Neverland Pirates! My daughter joined in too, it was lovely to see them getting so excited about this.

Day 6!

The dinosaurs must have been watching my little ones doing lots of jigsaws as tonight they had a go too, and it was a good effort from all the dinosaurs. There were only a few pieces left by the time my monkeys got up!


Day 7!

My son has been trying to will the dinosaurs to play with the building blocks and tonight it looks like he got his wish!!! Those pesky dinosaurs were trying to pinch our comfy seat on the sofa! Good job we woke when we did otherwise we would be sat on the floor!


Day 8!

Last night it looks like the dinosaurs had the most fun they had ever had since they came to life!!!


As you can see they turned my kitchen into their home made zip wire playground. Once my son found the dinosaurs today he was so happy to continue playing with them and the zip wire! It was so cute. My daughter wasn’t that fussed today so I have a feeling the dinosaurs may do something nice for her tomorrow!

Day 9!

I was right!! Look what the dinosaurs did for my pink one!


Not long after my daughter got this tree house my son demolished it, which would have been fixed sooner had we kept the assembly instructions but we did not! So today my pink one is very happy that the dinosaurs have managed to fix it for her and they seem very happy playing with it!

Day 10!

Today the dinosaurs decided to teach themselves how to cook, and aside from the fact that they haven’t yet made it to the cooker they are doing ok I suppose!


So far we have loved dinovember! Can’t wait to see what the next 10 days bring!

Happy Dinovember x

We have bought a new house!!

Wow, what a few weeks it has been. My last blog post mid June was about how we were heading back to Yorkshire to clear our house out ready for the sale. Well that all went without a hitch and we found ourselves no longer home owners.

We were quite prepared to give ourselves 6 months to find the house of our dreams but then we started to look into and understand the Scottish property market, specifically in Aberdeen and we realised that taking a back seat wasn’t the way to get by in such a buoyant property market.

With that in mind we set about the task of looking for houses. The Scottish system is so different to the English system and we found we were getting confused quite easily. So I called on my friends for help and advice and I can honestly say without them we would still be confused.

All the houses here are advertised either ‘offers over’ a certain amount or ‘fixed price’! We didn’t know where to start, it took 11 months from start to finish to sell our house in England and we were definitely not prepared for how quick things seem to move here and how much over asking price they go for. With this is mind we began our search.

It was such a daunting task. After a couple of weeks keeping an eye on things we took the plunge and booked some viewings but was very interesting to see what was out there but then we found ‘the’ house. Perfect area, perfect size and good price, yes it will be a bit of a project but we knew this was the house for us so I booked a viewing. I was shocked when I turned up to find that we were the 7th people to view it that day and there was the same again then next day. In buying my other two houses there was nowhere near that level of interest, especially 3 days after it hit the market!!!

So we did what we needed to do and once it had gone to a closing we put an offer in that was what we were happy to pay, we loved the house but were not prepared to pay over the odds for it. As the closing date and time came and went, panic set in which lasted two days till we got the ‘yes your offer has been accepted call’ and we were delighted.

So now our nights are spent mentally decorating our new home and we are really looking forward to providing a home and a new permanent life here in Scotland with our monkeys.

We feel so lucky that we get to stay here, this beach is 10 minutes from our house and sat on it a couple of days ago I felt so happy that my children get to grow up in such a beautiful part of the world.


So for now we get to plan while the sale goes through and I am loving every minute of it. I have no doubt I will be driving my husband insane over the next few weeks with loads of questions about what we want but I’m sure he is as excited about this as I am.

100 happy days – DAY 100!!!! Homeward bound!!

Wahoo, day 100 has arrived and it has been mega busy!

I have been packing like nobody’s business today trying to make sure that the four of us have enough clothes etc for the coming weekend. We are actually heading back to England in the morning, setting off to the airport at 4:15 in the morning I might add, and we are going to clear our house out ready for the sale to complete ๐Ÿ™.


Here is the bag 99.9% packed, just got last minute stuff in the morning to go in. I really can’t wait to get back and get it all emptied.

I’m also amazed at how quick the last 100 days have gone. I’m really pleased I decided to do this and I think in the new year I will do it again. Its been great to have a reason to look for happiness everyday. I would recommend everyone does it.

Happy 100 days happy x


100 happy days – day 99 and a bit. Nice quiet lunch!

Wow today has been busy I have been up and about this morning for oaky group with the monkeys. It was actually really good this morning because the weather was nice. That meant that it wasn’t very busy so I didn’t have the usual struggles of the parents who don’t parent!

After playgroup, it was homeward bound for lunch for the little ones then quick change and out the door ready for pre school. I have been doing the ab and squat challenge before my lunch which I have just had. I finished lunch off with this.


It was delicious!!

Happy 100 days happy x

100 happy days – day 98 and a bit. Ab challenge.

I don’t know if many of you have been doing this throughout June but I have. I also decided to do the squat challenge as well. I am 17 days in and am feeling the burn. It will be even worse tonight once I have done an hour of Zumba and then an hour of Zumba Sentao.


But I am very pleased with how I have kept up to both challenges. I have tried these a few times and usually once I get to the first rest day I don’t go back. The secret this time was probing it out and having something to physically cross off every day.

I’m proud of me.

Happy 100 days happy x

100 happy days -day 97 and a bit. Wrapping birthday presents!

Wow, what a busy Monday. Good points are that I found a nice dress for my nieces christening โœ”๏ธI finished birthday shopping for my princess (wrapping paper and everything!) โœ”๏ธ I wrapped up the presents โœ”๏ธthen we had a play date this afternoon โœ”๏ธ. Bad points, I’m tired ๐Ÿ‘Ž.

I can’t actually be bothered to do the ironing as am so am having a rest.

Here is my happy moment today.


Wahoo a box filled with princess presents.

Happy 100 days happy x

100 happy days – day 96 and a bit! Ice cream Sunday!

Today was the best kind of Sunday!! Ice cream Sunday! As it was Father’s Day today, my hubby got pick of what we would do today and he decided that we would go to the harbour and play at the park. So that’s what we did.

At the park we had the pleasure of watching some playful dolphins jumping in and out of the water, it was really lovely to see. I’ve never seen them so clearly in Aberdeen but water conditions were fab, it was really calm so perfect for dolphin spotting.

Shortly after that we watched a big ship come in. I love watching the excitement build on the faces of my children as they watch and wave as it comes in to the harbour. It’s always nice when the men on the boat wave back to my children, they love it.

We decided that we would try and go for ice cream after this. As there were no parking spaces, we decided to get a McFlurry from the drive-thru. Happy children.

Once we got home, we pottered around and played outside then the I eel cream van came round. It’s not been for a few weeks and my monkeys were so happy to hear it we could not say no.


Cue some very messy but very happy blue tongued little people!!

Happy 100 days happy x

100 happy days – day 95 and a bit Grampian Transport Museum!

There is only 1 word that sums up today. HAPPY. Fabulous day from start to finish. Brilliant sleep last night, coupled with monkeys that woke up well past 7am and a really enjoyable day at the transport museum.

My son loves it here, when we asked him what he wanted to do today, firstly he banged on about a black pirate ship (which later transpired to be the RRS Discovery in Dundee) but then he said he wanted to go see chitty bang bang. Now last year, chitty bang bang was on display at the transport museum and we decided to indulge him and off we went.




Now he didn’t seem to notice that chitty was not on display this time, but he was more than happy to play on the snow plough, the traction engine, the trams and look at the Great Train Robbery exhibit. I loved watching his face as he ran round looking at everything. I don’t think he stopped for the 2 or so hours we were there!!

It certainly made me smile today.

Happy 100 days happy x